Motorola Dinara Smartphone with a 13MP Camera

According to rumors Motorola has something in the oven, and that something is the Motorola Dinara with Android 4.0.

Rumors have it that Motorola is working on the successor of the Droid Bionic and it goes by the name of Motorola Dinara. So if you haven’t been able to buy your latest smartphone due to lack of time, not to worry because if you wait a little more you can get your hands on this new model.


Specifications for the Motorols Dinara Smartphone

It is not yet known which version of Android it will have but taking in mind when it is going to be available, we could be looking at an Ice Cream Sandwich Androi OS. Other possible specs for the Dinara smartphone include a bigger display than the Droid Bionic, so I guess we can say good-bye to the buttons, right? Looks like tablet software is making i ts way to the smartphone world. We could also be looking at Texas Instruments processor, HD screen of 1920×1200 pixels, 1 GB of RAM, 13 MP rear-facing camera, VGA front-facing camera, Non-removable battery and a lock button on the side.

Price and Availability for the Motorola Dinara Smartphone

Since for now everything is based on rumors, I think the price should be around the same as the Bionic. Speaking of release date since it is rumored for it to have Android 4.0, then we can probably estimate its release around December-March, hopefully it will be sooner than later.


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