Mouse Computer Lm-i300S-P22MT PC

Latest PC to come out of Japan, the Mouse Computer Lm-i300S-P22MT PC. PC with decent specs.

Even though it is only available in the Japanese Market, it is still interesting to look at what PC’s are out there since eventually they end up when one lives. This time we are talking about the Mouse Computer Lm-i300S-P22MT PC.  Even though the design could have been better, if it has what you need them I guess it’s O.K.

Specifications for the Mouse Computer Lm-i300S-P22MT PC

With the Mouse Computer Lm-i300S-P22MT PC you will get specs that include a 21.5-inch 1920 x 1080 multitouch display widescreen LCD monitor also has DVI-D (HDCP), two D-Sub, built-in 1W+1W stereo speakers, USB connection, a 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 processor, an Intel G31 Express chipset, a 4GB RAM, a 1GB GeForce GT 220 graphics card,a 500GB HDD, a DVD burner and runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit OS. I think that Mouse Computer should have added a Radeon HD 4670 , as it outperforms the GT220 and they are both around the same price, but oh well.

Price and Availability for the Mouse Computer Lm-i300S-P22MT PC

You can get your hands on the  Lm-i300s-p22MT PC now and you are only going to have to cough up UD$1,094.

If you decide to go to Japan and get one then have a nice trip and comment on how you got it past customs.

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