MWC 2012 – Epson To Present Mysterious Android Device

Epson has plans to step out of the printer world and step into the mobile world, what could that mystery Android device be?

The big event is only a few months away and talk about the event has already begun. Epson is what’s trending so far since they have plans to present a mysterious Android device and the only thing that is known about his mystery device from Epson is that the device is in a new category and it offer a range of mobile entertainment and viewing options.


Epson is obviuosly making a bold move by stepping out of its normal categories but I congratulate them for taking the chance. Take Google for example and all the web apps they have had to close because they have been complete failures. It would be great if they presented an ICS Smartphone that has an ultra slim printer on the back and whatever you have on your screen you can print. Hey a girl can dream, can’t she?

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