Nasa Designs First Moon Houses

Nasa chooses Paco de León to design their Moon Houses and this is what he has come up with.

This is proof that technology is really a  non stop thing. Nasa has finally designed the first house that are meant to be placed on the Moon.These houses are meant to give shelter to 4 people, and the person responsible for this is an Engineer from Argentina named Pablo De León. De León mentioned that the moon houses are not a proper housing plan for the Moon, but the development of inflatable habitats for the establishment of a permanent lunar base.

First, the prototype will be about ten meters long,the main habitat is divided into 2 parts  and the NASA has contributed U.S. $ 750,000 U.S., about 508,500 euros, plus another 750,000 dollars which brings the University of Dakota. The first houses will be tested on Earth and if it succeeds then will they be considered for the Moon. The Scientists are trying to figure out how to protect the Astronauts from the lunar radiation.

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