New Amazon Kindle Fire Cases

The Amazon Kindle Fire Cases are the perfect accessory to keep you Kindle Fire scratch free and with an elegant look.

So you decided to get yourself the Amazon Kindle Fire but it just looks so lonely without a case to go with it, no problem, since there Case-Mate has three models for you to choose from. If the cases you were looking for had to have some kind of design on it then I’m afraid these are not the ones you might be looking for since these new case for the Amazon Kindle Fire are more on the elegant side.

Amazon Kindle Fire Venture Case

The three new Kindke Fire cases are the Tuxedo, Venture, and Hampton. The first model is an ultra slim folio with a built-in and reusable MagicTape, and a double-sided adhesive that doesn’t leave residue and will never lose its grip. It can also be used as a stand with multiple viewing angles. The included smart magnets put the Amazon Kindle Fire to sleep while not in use or awakes it when the case is flipped open. If the Tuxedo is the one for you then it is going toset you back US$40.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tuxedo Cases

The Venture Kindle Fire case is an accessory that features a kick stand feature and will keep you display scratch free do it is going to look great closed or open. If you want to give this case a try it has a price tag of US$50.

Amazon Kindle Fire Venture Case

Finally the last case is the Hampton Kindle Fire Case that has leather inspired by vintage luggage and travel pieces. The Hampton was crafted in Turkey and will make reading while using this case as impressive as the Kindle Fire itself. The Hampton retails for $130.

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