New Details on the iPhone 4 Launch

New information on what time you can purchase your new iPhone 4, in what color and what to expect at Best Buy.

The day is getting closer, yeah you know what I mean. On June 24th we are going to be able to get our hand son the iPhone 4 but starting tomorrow we can at least pre-order it. Just in case you need a little reminder Best Buy is going to be the store that is going to be selling the iPhone 4 and they are going to take Pre-Orders starting tomorrow. Pre-sale orders can be placed at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile standalone store nationwide.

If you are not the Pre-Ordering type and want to get one at launch, Best Buy is going to be opening its doors at 7am and you are going to find employees sporting a  special new black shirts featuring a multi-color AT&T globe design on the front and the company’s “Rethink Possible” slogan on the back. There is something that you might not like, new customers will be limited to one iPhone 4 per person in line, while existing customers will be able to purchase one iPhone 4 for each eligible line.

A separate report from Modmyi containing an internal AT&T memo states that customers are only going to be able to get the black iPhone 4. Looks like the white versions is going to be pushed back until late Summer. If you are asking yourself why, unfortunately there is no answer. We don’t know if this is an AT&T-only restriction or if some unforeseen production issue has caused Apple to push back the launch date of white units.

In my opinion it is the inside that counts and enjoy your new iPhone 4, even if it is only in black.

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