New Donation Button on Facebook to Fight Ebola Virus

Users can donate money to fight against the Ebola Virus through a button Facebook will soon add.

We have hard of many multi-million dollar donations to help fight the Ebola Virus and Mark Zuckerberg one of many CEO´s that have donated. Zuckerberg donated 25 million dollars last month and hopefully he won´t be the last one to make such a generous donation.

Facebook is doing more in order to end this virus and it comes in the form of a button. With this upcoming button, Facebook users will be able to donate to non-profit organizations that are fighting the Ebola virus.If all goes well the button should be seen in the a few weeks.


Faceboon fight Ebola


Users will be able to donate to organization such as Save the Children, International Medical Corps, Red Crescent Societies and International Federation of Red Cross. Why these non-profit organizations? Facebook selected them because they can receive money worldwide and they work directly on the ground.

Facebook is also donating terminals that will help improve voice calling and provide people with Internet. Isolated patients are finally going to be able to communicate with their families and give them motivation to go on.

A lot is being done to try and stop the Ebola virus and hopefully it will be enough but more donations are need since the American Red Cross has only received 3.7 million for the Ebola relief. This is a really low amount if you compare it with the 88 million it got in the afternmath Typhoon Haiyan and the 486 million it got for the Haiti quake.

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