New iPad 4 with 128GB Capacity

In order to compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro, Apple will be releasing an iPad 4 with 128GB capacity.

If you are not happy with how much capacity your iPad 4 has then these are definitely good news for you since Apple is going to be releasing an iPad 4 with a capacity of 128GB. These are good news but this would have been better if Apple would have released these model from the very beginning and not now.

Now, if an Apple fan wants this model they are going to have to buy another iPad 4 and that obviously does not sound fair at all. But if you don´t have a problem buying another one and passing on your current model to you little brother or sister, here are the prices for the New 128GB iPad 4.

If you want the iPad 4 with WiFi Only then that model is going to set you back $799 but if you want the cellular network-connected model that one will set you back US$929. What motivated Apple to release this model? It is because they want to compete with Microsoft´s Surface pro that has a maximum capacity of 128GB. Apple is really going after Microsoft since Apple plans to launch the 128GB iPad 4 on February 5th when Microsoft will be releasing their Surface Pro on Feruary 9th, coincidence? I don´t think so.

If you wanted to buy an iPad with the maximum amount of capacity you would only be able to buy a 64GB model that sells for $699 for Wi-Fi only and $829 for the cellular-enabled version. The Surface Pro starts at $899 for a 64 GB version and $999 for a 128 GB model.

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