New OneDrive Update Brings New Photo Features

The OneDrive feature will bring new search features and other picture focused features.

OneDrivers are going to be happy to know that the latest update has given them a new search feature and other picture focused features. Looks like we are going to have to wait a few more weeks before we can see the new features, but good thing time flies.


La Actualización de OneDrive Ofrece Nuevas Funcinoes1


Now users can easily manage and see their pictures on their computers or mobile devices, enjoy edge to edge pictures in a collage, and a new album view display larger. Now, it is going to be easier to import their images directly to OneDrive from their Windows 8 or 7 computer.


La Actualización de OneDrive Ofrece Nuevas Funcinoes


The users pictures will be automatically saved in the Camera imports and Screenshots folders and not to worry since the screenshots are still going to be saved to the clipboard, as usual. If you want, you can also save your picture directly to OneDrive from the inbox. (of your account).

When the new search feature comes out, you can look for Office PDFs and documents by the text they have, location, their time or extracted text. Thanks to the automatic tagging tech, you can look for pictures of ¨plants¨or ¨ cats¨.It is up to you, if you want you can also look with the automatically generated tags or manually.

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