New Slideshow Feature Coming to Facebook

New Slideshow feature saves travelers from having to create a presentation of their Summer trip pictures, since it creates it for you.

Traveling is such a wonderful thing! But when it is all over, the task of creating a nice presentation awaits us. After any trip, you are just too tired to have to worry about compiling a slideshow of all of your pictures you took when you visited China.


Facebook Trabaja en una Función Donde tu Fotos son Motradas en una Colección de Imáges


Good thing that Facebook is testing out a new feature called Slideshow where it puts your China pictures in a Slideshow so you don´t have to. Don´t worry, the new Slideshow feature is not going to create a Slideshow of all the trips you took that year, it is only going to create a slideshow of your last trip.



In the video you will see this upcoming Facebook feature in action but hopefully they will improve it at least a little by the time it becomes available. Hopefully users will be able to add some type of feature to their pictures and have the feature not show the pictures so fast.

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