Nexus 2 at Samsung Android Event? – Nexus Two Rumors

Rumors point to a Nexus 2 debut at Samsung’s event on Nov. 8th, could it be true?

Back in July of this year we all hear the shocking news that Nexus One bit the dust and if the rumors turn out to be true, we could be looking at the Nexus 2. The smart thing is to learn from ones mistakes so lets just hope that what happened to the first one does not happen again. Just in case you haven’t heard, the rumors say that Google will team up with Samsung and that the Nexus 2 is the result of that union.

There is also going to be anĀ  event that is going to be held by Samsung on November 8th and we wouldn’t be surprised if they presented the Nexus 2 or whatever they decide to call it.

We could be looking at a handset that could debut with the latest Android 2.3 (or 3.0? Definitely Gingerbread) powered. The good thing (I guess) about Samsung using Android is that consumers won’t have to wait for Samsung to release the update, a problem that Galaxy S users are currently experiencing.

With this information everyone is going to expect Samsung to reveal the Nexus 2 and I wonder what people’s reactions is going to be if we don’t see the Samsung Nexus 2.

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