Nexus X Concept Smartphone

Even though they don´t exist, there is something about the concept of a super smartphone that always gets our attention.

It has only been a month since Google unveiled the latest on the Nexus 5 and now we are here to talk about the concept design of the Nexus X smartphone. The Nexus X smartphone was tough up to feature specs such as a 3.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon processor, 6GB of RAM, and LTE enabled.

Nexus X Concept Smartphone

Other features that this smartphone is suppose o have is a6.5 Inch display with an unscratchable Sapphire crystal, Android 4.5 with 3 options, Stock Android, rooted with Cyanogenmod, skinned version, 5MP front facing cam, 30MP rear camera and speaker.

If the concept smartphone should see the light of day the prices could be as follows: 400 euros for the 16GB, 500 euros for the 32GB, 700 euros for the 54GB, and 900 euros for the 128GB and all with come with LTE.

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