Nikon D 5100 DSLR Camera for Beginners

Want to use  DSLR but have no idea? Try one that was made for beginners the Nikon D 5100 DSLR Camera with 16MP and full HD video.

Many of us may love using DSLR camera because of the specs they pack but stick to the point and shoot since we want pics that don’t look like a drunken night. Instead of taking expensive photography classes, it would be better to buy something like the Nikon D 5100 DSLR Camera, that was made for beginners. With this good looking camera you get nothing less than a 16MP camera that can either record in 720p or Full 1080p HD in 30 fps, your choice.  You will only be holding 18 Ounces of weight and in the case you see someone famous, it is able to take 4 frames per second, obviously faster than your normal point and shoot camera.

There is even a Special Effects Mode that offers you the facility of 4 filters that you can use with movies and still images: Night Vision, tilt shift effect, Color Sketch, Selective Color and the ISO 102400. Another feature that you are sure to like is that when in movie mode the DSLR camera is in auto focus continuously to give you the best footage. But, one thing you should know if you decide to use the feature is that, when used it can the tendency to produce noise that is picked up by the camera’s mic.

It is almost like the iPhone 4 antenna problem, it has a flaw and in order to fix it, you have to buy something else to make the problem go away. With the iPhone 4 it was the bumper cases and with the Nikon D 5100 DSLR Camera it is a separate mic called the ME 1 that was especially made to correct the problem. It’s just me but I thin that Nikon should have made the camera with this mic to start with and not make consumers by the right mic. If you want the mic it is going to set you back US$1802 and it is going to be available in April but the camera itself will be available on April 21st to be exact and will set you back US$900,

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