The No Charge SmartWatch

Own a smartwatch that only needs to be charged once a year, The No Charge Smart Watch.

Some devices might have better specs than others, but there is one thing they are have in common and that is that they all need to be charge almost on a daily basis. That can be very annoying because we might not remember to charge our devices, since we already have so many thing to remember. What if you had a smartwatch that only needed to be charged once a year?.


No Charge Smart Watch


The No Charge Smart Watch is just that, a smart watch that only need to be charged once a year. It is available now at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$179.95. You can connect the smartwatch to an Android phone or an iPhone via Bluetooth Smart technology that only uses an iota of the energy required by other bluetooth versions.


Once a Year Charge smartwatch


When someone calls you will see the caller ID in action, but you will also see other icons for eMail, text or social activity. You will also be notified of missed calls, low battery alerts and calendar notifications.The buttons on the side of the bezel will allow you to take pictures and reproduce and pause your music. The smartwatch is also scratch and water resistant.

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