Nokia 114 Handset with Dual SIM Support

Miss the simple times? Then you just might like the Nokia 114 that features just that.

Nokia is back but not with a fancy smartphone with a long list of specs but with an old fashion one piece that hopefully can steal a piece of your tech heart. The Nokia 114 is like the Nokia 109, since they both have the same size and design, though but with the small difference that the Nokia 114 weighs a few grams heavier. Something else they have in common is that they both feature identical 65K color screens with resolution of 128 x 160px with a 1.8-inch diagonals.

But they are not exactly alike since the 114 features the Dual SIM functionality plus a handful of other extras. The Nokia 114 also features a 1080mAh battery, VGA camera with QCIF video, Bluetooth 2.1, but we are going to have to wait to see what price tag is on this handset but it won’t be be a high one. As you can see that the Nokia 114 has a simple yet somehow attractive design, do you agree?

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