The Nokia N97 is ¨The Phone¨. In My opinion i think  the iPhone  should hand over its crown because The Nokia N97  is the new Sheriff of the town. Strutting its stuff with its 3.5 inch touchscreen display  thats offers digital real estate never before seen on a cell phone.

The resolution is 640 by 360 pixels, which is close to the resolution many full sized desktop computers were offering 10 years ago.Thanks to its  Integrated social networking utilities you will be able to update your MySpace and Facebook information right from the main page.

When they say ¨Mobile Computer¨they mean ¨Mobile Computer¨. why? well because with the Nokia N97 you’re not restricted to simply viewing mobile websites, no sir. The fully functional integrated web browser can view practically any website that a desktop computer could, since The IS it features is the same type of browser used on full sized computers.


The Nokia N97 is the fastest smart phone because it can render sites and individual pages quicker than any other smart phone.Mix in the 3G connectivity, and you will have to ask someone to pinch you on the arm because you will feel like your dreaming ( i had to do it).

The Nokia N97 features a  full web browser but thats not its big guns. The Nokia ¨Super phone¨ features Nokia Maps as well, which gives you access to national and local maps whenever you feel the need to use them. The Nokia N97 also has a widgets system which gives you many applications to choose from.

The Nokia N97  3.5 inch screen takes up the whole front of the phone.On the left side corner you will find a small button which serves as the shortcut key to the N series multimedia applications.

The call and end buttons are touch sensitive and on the top of the  screen is the 3.5mm headphone jack and the power button. The Nokia N97 is just a tad bit larger and thicker than the iPhone and when you slide out the QWERTY keypad, you’re reminded of the Nokia E75.

We should warn you that the Nokia N97 is a tad bit thick for small hands (16mm thick) but it makes up for that with powerfulness. The keypad is great.It  is evenly spaced, the buttons are minimal,  and you  can press the buttons without pressing two buttons at a time.


The only thing that might be of concern is  the hinge that connects the screen and the keypad since it looks thin and breakable and the camera area will jut out another 2 mm. In June you can be the proud owner of the Nokia N97 for $700 (556.65€) without a contract discount.

Like i said earlier in the Post, the iPhone should hand over its crown to the Noia N97, why? Here is one of many reasons. The iPhone comes in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB models, and  unfortunately does not offer a slot for memory cards. The Nokia N97 completely blows the iPhones battleship out of the water with its internal memory of 32GB ( that comes standard on the phone – there is no sub-model that offers less storage).

16GB is the  limit of the expandable memory card when it comes to  internal space.  When you add the 32GB plus the 16 GB of the expandable memory card,are you sitting down?, you are looking at no less than 48GB of pure power!.

What the Nokia N97 can do, that the iPhone can no, t is its ability to display Flash files and the Flash-based videos that power sites such as You Tube.

Internally, the Nokia N97 has build in Bluetooth connectivity, which the iPhone does not have. It also comes with a built in GPS system. If this is something you want make sure you get the newer versions of the iPhone, those are the only one that have it.

The Nokia N97 and the iPhone both have built in wi-fi for high-speed use at home or any hot-spot. If it weren´t for the price tag they have decided to give the ¨Superphone¨, (sigh).

I wanted to save the best for last. Skype is developing a VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) software thats Nokia will load onto all but the first bacth of its N79 Models. It will be integrated into the phone’s address book, making it as easy to place a call to a contact’s Skype username as to their regular phone number.

The Skype application will allow you to  to make voice calls, send  messages and also to select it as a widget so everyone can see which of their friends are online, all the time. One thing you should know that the skype program won´t be available on the Nokia S60 Models. Only until the Q3 of this year before we’ll be able to download a firmware update to get Skype on our N97 handsets.

The lite version of the Skype program, still in beta testing, offers only your  basic Skype features which are instant messaging,presence notification, voice calling, and won’t work over Wi-Fi connections,so if you don´t have flat-rate data service you will have problems.With the Nokia N97 and Skype you’ll be able to connect using 3G, as well as Wi-Fi, to make the most of free or low-cost calls.

Something Nokia has in mind is to introducea new concept named “Social Location”. Like the Yahoo friends on fire and the Google Latitude. It will be able to understand where you are and update the social networking websites with this data.

You are allowed to only let your friends see the infor and not some wacko. This is all possible with the help of A-GPS and an integrated compass.

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