Nokia to Release WP7 Smartphone Only in 6 Countries

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The Nokia WP7 smartphones are only going to sold in 6 countries, is your country in the top 6?

Looks like the Nokia WP7 Smarthones are going to get quite an exclusive release since they are only going to be released in 6 nations and the U.S isĀ  not one of them. Weird, since usually everything starts out in the US but not this time since Nokia thought that a country where the iPhone and Android are the Kings would be a tough place to start out, but that does not mean that the US will definitely not get them. They will, eventually.

Finland is definitely one of them, right? Wrong, Nokia didn’t even consider home turf a decent place to start off, but lets just hope Nokia knows what they are doing. No explanations were given as to only 6 nations were the lucky nations chosen but hopefully Nokia will say something eventually.No date was given as to when Nokia might release the WP7 smartphones in other countries, not even an educated guess, so I guess we have nothing else to do but wait. So, who are those chosen countries? The countries that are going to get the Nokia WP7 smartphones are Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Spain and Italy.

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