Nokia to Launch Two MeeGO Budget Smartphones

Rumors have it that Nokia is going to be working on Cheap and Affordable MeeGO smartphones.

If you have always wanted a MeeGO smartphone but just can’t afford it then if this rumor turns out to be true, it will definitely be good news for you. There is no need to feel discouraged since it is only a rumor since a numerous amount of rumors about smartphones turn out to be true. Why is Nokia making this budget MeeGO smartphones? This is part of their  Next Billion strategy for developing markets and the reason is the following.

budget MeeGo smartphones

Nokia is going to make these cheap smartphone for their developing markets, and because the OS has low specification demands it may be better suited for the task than Microsoft’s Windows Phone.For now there is no word on the possible specs for the budget Nokia MeeGO Smartphones but if this rumor is on the right track, it i not going to be very long before we hear more info on the subject. With all this talk about cheap MeeGO smartphones, looks like the first smartphone to feature MeeGo has almost been forgotten, the LG GW990.

I really hope that this rumor turns out to be true since it is going to make a lot of people happy. What specs would you like the cheap MeeGO smartphone to have? Lets be realistic people.

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