NSA and Great Britain Use Apps Such as Angry Birds to Spy According to Reports

According to a report released by Edward Snowden, Great Britain and the U.S use everyday apps such as Angry Birds in Spying efforts.

Looks like we can´t use anything without being spied on since it has been revealed that apps such as Angry Birds and Google Maps are used by American and British Intelligent agencies in order t spy on the user. Thanks to these apps the NSA and Britain´s Government Communication were able to get their hands on information such as the users location, sex and age, among other things.

Brazil Spied on by NSA

Apps such as Flicker, Facebook, Titter and LinkedIn were able to provide these agencies with info such as address books, phone logs and buddy lists. Google Maps was the agencies favorite since it gave them a he geo-location that the users gave.  The agencies are also able to get info from apps such as Angry Birds since they provide important info about the users.

Thanks to the profiles users fill out in these apps, the agencies are able to get data such as the persona sexual orientation, ethnicity and marital status. These agencies got their hands on so much information that they didn´t know what to do with it. They had so much data that they needed 120 computers to o through it all.

Rovio said that they had no idea that their app was being used with this purpose and that they were not involved at all. This mobile spying does have a bright side since it has helped authorities prevent bombings and solve murders. Does that make it OK?

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