NSA Spied on 35 Presidents

Thanks to Edward Snowden, it has been revealed that the NSA has spied on 35 presidents, where did they get the numbers from?

Looks like the world leaders are not free from being targeted by the NSA since 35 of them have had their phones listened to. Where were the numbers obtained from? The numbers were given to the NSA by an official in another US government dept. In a memo that is not very confidential now, the NSA encourages their senior officials in the customer depts, like the Pentagon, State and the White House to reveal their rolodexe´s and that way the agency can store the phone numbers of these presidents to watch over their systems. The Edward Snowden documents also said that an unnamed US official turned in over 200 numbers that included the number of these 35 presidents.

The only name that has been revealed is that of Angela Merkel who has publicly showed how upset she is. Officials in Berlin did not hesitate to bring up that the US did not deny ¨monitoring¨ the phone in the past. The Guardian got their hands on a memo that suggests that the NSA routinely monitor the phones of the world leaders and they even ask other US officials to do the same. We will see if these new revelations bring Snowden any problems since one of the conditions for his asylum in Russia was that he stop reveling new information. Obama has denied everything but you can bet that there are quite a few people that simply don´t believe him. This whole surveillance thing (according to the NSA) is to protect the country from terrorism, so, Are those 35 presidents a threat to national security?

We will see where all of this takes us but the tension has grown with these new accusations and Obama is trying to do all he can to try and calm things down.

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