The jailbreak for iOS devices has suffered a major setback

For many years, the jailbreak was something almost essential for experienced users of iOS. This allowed to install apps from outside the App Store, customize the interface with widgets, organize apps in windows on the iPad, among other possibilities.

However, it has been losing popularity. Two repositories in the Cydia store of apps for devices with jailbreak, have been archived in less than a month; and there is not yet a public way to do jailbreak on iOS 11.

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The repository ModMyi has been filed, or will not allow adding new apps and themes. The ZodTTD/MacCiti also said farewell; of the main alternatives, it was just the BigBoss.

How to explain the responsible for ModMyi, it costs very expensive to maintain the servers for an app store alternative. Given even the slightest interest in jailbreaking, it is not worth it more:

After the ModMy, the Mobile Nations (mistress of the ModMy) and SaurikIT we finished our discussions, there was a clear result, but sad, to the question of Cydia and the repositories. It was not plausible to continue with the ModMyi, because the server costs were insane, and the money that the store could generate was well below the value required to hold it, not with an economic return, but even non-profit.

Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, known as “saurik,” he said in an interview with the Motherboard that the jailbreak is currently only useful for small modifications. Apple ended up implementing in iOS several features that previously required the unlock, such as widgets, buttons of fast adjustment, screen recording, among others.

Including, the speed at which developers are able to do the jailbreak has decreased considerably. The iOS 11 has not yet been unlocked; in the case of iOS 10, it took three months after the release to the public. With iOS 5, have been only a few hours.

Of course, the jailbreak is not dead from time to time: not everyone wants to be restricted to the App Store, for example. And the community of Reddit dedicated to unlock iPhones and iPads continues to be active: “I know that times are a little tough for all, but it just means that we need to focus on what we have at the moment,” writes one of the moderators of the /r/jailbreak.

Information: Mac Rumors, TechCrunch.

The jailbreak for iOS devices has suffered a major setback