The Matador, movie brazilian Netflix

Last week, Netflix invited me to a premiere of The Matador. And I confess that I don’t even remember any more that this movie existed. I had read about it, but that was it, nothing more.

O Matador filme Netflix

It was an event chic, a chic place, with people chic, different middle of the normal events that Netflix does, but the important thing is that the food was good. But I’m not here to talk about the food – which was good, the tou here to talk about the movie The Matador, which I later remembered to be the first movie entirely brazilian Netflix.

And it’s the wild west.

The Plot of The Matador, the movie Netflix:

A baby is found abandoned and shall be created by a gunman in the interior of Pernambuco, which teaches you how to survive alone, to hunt and kill these things. Suddenly the gunman goes to a city and never returns, and the subject, now grown up, decides to go out for the first time of the cafundós where I lived and go to the nearest town, to find out what happened. There happen some things, and he becomes a hired killer, the best in the region. This is the journey basic of the hero, here means anti-hero, within the concept of the typical structure of westerns.

The direction has an air of Mom I Want to Be Tarantino, the account until the participation of Maria de Medeiros, the actress who played the role of Fabienne, the girlfriend of Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction, but it is not very efficient in this sense.

Tarantino just has the smell.

Some ideas were fun, such as the use of a mudinho as a translator from a character in French, but don’t have much more than that.

It is necessary to have in mind that we have here a brazilian film with the quality of the brazilian film. While the photography manages to make the visual of the northeast in certain scenes, in others, especially when we move to environments that are closed, we are left with the impression that we are watching a soap opera. The computer graphics is kind of crude, you can see that I had no money to spend on it. Has a jaguar when in CGI looks plastic, the blood also splashes in CGI, such as in series cops bad, and it has a burned house that left me with the shame of others.

Small details…

I usually complain that the major problem of brazilian films, is how to measure emotion, in a moments we are here, in the next moment here, does not have a balance in the storyline, but this is not the problem of The Matador. I don’t really like the idea of having a narrator to make life easier for those who watch, but this does not bother me, and it is well used. The plot is balanced and the characters have their roles well defined and even well developed. The problem lies in the mounting of the film.

O Matador Netflix

There is an attempt to make a narrative a little linear, it seems that the idea was to tell small stories, but this is not clear and the editing makes everything pretty confusing. The stories of some of the characters begin and end of nothing, the Hair, which is the main character, disappears from the plot at any given moment, has a bow with a character named Nan and her brother Doidinho, who seems to have been cooped up just to fill sausage…

The truth is that The Matador has not bothered me and I can’t say that it is a terrible movie, because it is not. I understood the proposal and accept the problems. When we stop to think about that brazilian cinema rarely dares to make an action movie, the result is even interesting.

Let’s think on the positive side. When was the last time you saw a science fiction in brazil? Netflix, with 3%. And when was the last time we had a brazilian film of westerns? Now, with Netflix, with The Matador. After Troop of the Elite we didn’t have any film good enough to compete with the world market. Then you do not have or how to block the sun with the sieve. We need to improve, and improve greatly, and we should learn from our hermanos arrentinos, that make a film dramatic at some times better than the american.

But at least there was a studio that tries to do something different from the comedies the brazilian with the face of the novel of the Globe. Now is cheer for the Netflix doesn’t fall apart…