OneNote Class Notebooks – New Education Platform for Students and Teachers

First Google Platform and now Microsoft presents OneNote Class Notebooks.

Microsoft could not just sit back and see how Google gets all the praises for Google Classroom. So, in a counter attack Microsoft launches OneNoteClass Notebooks for teachers and students.


OneNote Class Notebooks - New Education Platform for Students and Teachers


Teachers will be able to open their very own account and those accounts will be synced when used with SharePoint OnLine and Office 365. Teachers can also access the students ¨Notebooks¨ and that way how they are doing.



Students have access to a resource center where they can have access to all documents related to their assignments and lectures that are uploaded by their teachers. OneNote Class Notebooks is a free app for teachers that have Office 365 and Microsoft also wants to add the handwriting integration that Surface tablet users enjoy.

The OneNote Class Notebook in organized into 3 areas. The first area is Content Library that is an areas where any student can organize, share and collaborate. Then there is Students Notebooks that are private notebooks that are only share between a student and the teacher.

Even though teachers will have access to the students notebook, no cheating here since students won´t be able to see another students notebook. Finally there is the Content Library, this is a place where teachers can give course materials to their students.

Download OneNote Class Notebook

Remember that the App os completely FREE for teachers that use Office 365 and if you are interested you can download the app at the Office store.

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