Organize Your Gmail Account with Sortd

Turn your Gmail account into your task list with the Sortd Chrome extension.

When we want to know what we have to do, most of us check our eMails to start with.Our eMail is basically our task list but if you think that it could it more organized, how about Sortd. It is a Chrome extension that helps you organize your Gmail account and it is available right now for free if you want to give it a try.


Sortd for Gmail


With Sortd you can rename and add new lists, drag and drop eMails onto any task board, group eMails into one task, change the subject of your eMails, with preview mode mark eMails as done and see a summary of Sortd as a sidebar.


extension Sortd Chrome


Sortd has many many more feature we could lost in but there as somethings that it lacks such as alarms and reminder. Don´t count on being able to share a copy of your task list and I don´t you are going to like that you can only use Sortd with one account at a time.

One may not find an app that has absolutely everything we want and who knows, Sortd may add these features in the future.

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