Origami – First Power Folding Stroller

Meet Origami, World’s first self folding stroller. With the touch of one button the stroller folds itself.

Going to run some errands with the little ones can be quite a task. It is almost like mission impossible even though you are just going to the corner post office. You have to make sure you take everything Jr. might need and at the end you end up looking like you are gathering food for some kind of natural disaster. On top of all of that you have to unfold the stroller or fold it back up if the little one wants to walk beside you.

Sure it doesn’t sound like a difficult ask, the whole stroller thing but if can be quite a challenge when you have all thos bags hanging from your shoulder. With the Origami Power Folding Stroller you are only going to need one finger to fold this bad boy since with the touch of a button, the Origami Stroller folds itself. You are also going to love the way it charges itself since it self charges whenever you take you little one out for a stroll since the generators are located in the rear wheels.

There are also pathway lights that are located under the stroller which will automatically light up when you are in an area that has low light. There are also sensors in the seat so that the stroller doesn’t fold itself with your child in the seat. All details from the thermometer, speedometer, odometer, tripometer and lifetime tripometer will be displayed on the LCD dashboard. If this is the stroller you have been looking for, you should know that it is going to set you back a pretty penny since it has a price tag of US$849.99 a pop.

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