Original and Curious iPhone 4S Cases

Become the center of attention with the Star Trek iPhone cases and the iPhone accessory that actually smells like chocolate.

Obviously there are an endless amount of iPhone cases for all the models out there but if what you are looking for are iPhone cases that are different from the ones that you may find out there check out the iPhone 4S Case that actually smells like chocolate and the iPhone case that every Star Trek addict will love. Anyone that knows how to appreciate tech accessories will definitely give you a good comment on them.

Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 Cases

Both of the iPhone 4S cases will also fit the original iPhone and are available at the same site, thinkgeek.com. The Original Star Trek iPhone cases have a price tag of US$11.25 – $14.99. You can choose from different departments such as Yellow for command, red for engineering, Blue for Science and the Mirror Universe model. The iPhone case that has the form of a chocolate bar is great since besides having the shape, it also smells like chocolate, just be careful when you get those chocolate cravings.

Another plus for it smelling like chocolate is when you have to ride the bus and the person next to you doesn’t precisely smell Spring Fresh. The Chocolate smelling iPhone case has a price tag of US$14.99. If you decide to get these iPhone cases don’t forget to let us know what you think of them and if you are happy with your new iPhone cases.

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