Ostendo CRVD 43″ Monitor with 32:10 Aspect Ratio – Ultimate Gaming Monitor

Ostendo CRVD 43 Inch Monitor with 32:10, uses Human Visual System to make racing videogames as real as possible. Get price,availability and Specifications for the Ostendo CRVD here.

If you ever wanted a monitor that makes you feel like you are really into your videogames then you might want to check out the Ostendo CRVD Monitor with a incredible 43 Inches and 32:10 Aspect Ratio of 32:10 in the following video you will see what this monitor is capable of doing when you play Videogames such as Need for Speed or other racing games. I don’t know if I would buy such as monitor because for such as monitor it only features a less than expected 2880 x 900 pixel resolution.

The Ostendo CRVD 43 Inch Monitor has good things to such as it using Human Visual System. When you are driving down the freeway and you pass a car, you are obviously use to seeing that car fall out by the corner of your eyes and that is exactly what this monitor does in games such as Need for Speed. The Ostendo CRVD 43 Inch Monitor also provides its users a fast response time of 0.02 milliseconds, thus no ghosting or double image in animations and videos. I wouldn’t pay the price they are asking for this monitor but I know I would enjoy playing a racing videogame on it and enjoy it. Oh yeah, it can be all your for $6,000.00, yeah with 3 o’s.

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

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