Outlook.com for Android is Revealing Users Info

If you use Outlook.com for Android be careful since the app is exposing the users data.

Android users have yet another danger to look out for and this time it is the Outlook.com Android app that is exposing their data. Include Security has said that the danger lies in the eMail attachments that Outlook,com keeps in the file system area gives them access to 3rd parties who have physical access to the phone or any application.


Outlook.com for Android is Revealing Users Info1

Include Security also mentioned that the eMails are kept on the app-specific filesystem and the Pincode feature of the app only offers protection to the Graphical User Interface. The Pincode feature doesn´t offer protection on the messages on the filesystem of the users smartphone.


Outlook.com for Android is Revealing Users Info


Which Android versions are affected? All but Android 4.4 KitKat I´m afraid. The latest Android version makes its apps feature private folder in the built on storage are of the smartphone and this is something that has saved KitKat from this danger. All users can do right now is either wait for a fix or upgrade to Android 4.4.

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