Owner Pretends to Drown and His Dog Reacts by….

Putting his loyal buddies love to the test, this guy pretends to drown and his dog…..

Ah…mans best friend. Our faithful dogs that are the only ones that keep us company in the bathroom and willing to put up with whatever stench appears.


Super Dog


The ones that will go anywhere we go and are very happy to see us, even if we have just been gone for a few minutes.



The real start is this adorable dog from Russia that loves his owner so much that he didn´t doubt for an instance, if he was willing to jump in the water and ¨save¨ his owner. I say ¨save¨ because as you will see in the video, he isn´t really drowning, but is just putting his buddy´s love to the test.


After seeing this video, we can say that the dog past the test with flying colors. Do you think that your dog would have done the same thing for you?

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