Panasonic VW-BN2 DVD Burner For AVCHD Cameras

Burn videos on the go with Panasonic’s upcoming VW-BN2 DVD Burner that goes along great with your AVCHD Camera.

I think almost everyone has wished once in their life that they could have burned a DVD  right there on the spot but obviously could not. With Panasonic’s VW-BN2 DVD Burner for AVCHD Cameras you won’t be left with just the feeling of wanting to but will  be able to do it. With Panasonic’s VW-BN2 you will receive a maximum speed of 8x for DVD ±R and 4x for DVD ±DL.

If the VW-BN2 DVD Burner for your AVCHD camera is something you just need to have then it  can be all your for $278.00 (185.84€), if your are someone that just has to have what they want now then you are not going to like what I have to say…Its going to be available next month (hiding from possible rock throwing). Don’t worry time has the tendency to fly and we are almost halfway through November as amazing as it may sound.

Via Akihabaranews

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