Panda Global Protection 2014 – Security Software for PC, Tablet, Smartphone and Mac

Get Complete Protection for your PC and other devices with Panda Global Protection 2014.

We all know that it is tech suicide to access the Internet without a security software for our PC´s. Security Software for PC´s is something that needs to be installed in our PC´s and one software that might interest you is Panda Global Security 2014. This software can provide the protection you need for your PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone.

Panda Global Protection 2014 - Software de Seguridad para PC, Mac, Tablet o Smartphone

One of many good things that this software has is that it gives you protection regardless of what OS you are using. Panda Global Protection 2014 gives you protection against Spyware, Phishing, Rootkits and Banker Trojans. This security PC software offers you real time protection and also vaccinates your USB against infections.

Panda Blobal Protection 2014 is not only a security software but it is also a software that manages multiple passwords and only asks that you remember one master password. It also offers you File encryption so your files are always safe and can only be seen by you. Files are also deleted permanently,  so when you delete something it is gone forever and no software is able to recover them.

Panda Global Protection 2014 also optimizes your PC since everytime we copy  or modify file it is split up into small fragments.Another feature that this software offers is the ability to create backup files,something we should all do regularly since you never know when we could somehow loose  all of our content.

The software also features parental control, so you can also protect your kids from things they are too young to see. There is also and anti-spam feature so your inbox is not flooded with unwanted messages. So, you only see messages you want to see. Your identity is also protected since the software prevents apps from accessing your confidential info.

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