Pantech SKY S902 – Cell Phone for Women

New elegant looking but basic cell phone for women. The Pantech SKY S902 is a cell for those who like to keep it simple.

Looks like us ladies  have a new cell phone to admire and it is the Pantech SKY S902. This is a simple phone, well at least on the inside since you are not going to find specs you would find in a Samsung Galaxy S for example. The outside is absolutely fantastic but what about what is under the hood.

The Pantech SKY S902 cell phone features (besides working on a 2G network) a MP camera,3.0-inch WQVGA display with resolution of 240×400 pixels, Business Card Scanner electronic dictionary function, and TTS, Subway Map, and microSD Card slot for more space. Like I said this is a simple phone at least on the inside.

For now there is no info on the pricing or availability but when that info becomes available we will let you know.

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