Patriot (Amazon) is the series that we need to

Patriot is the refreshment that the current scenario of the series want.

Patriot (Amazon) é a série que precisamos

On the 18th of may 2015, Mad Men gave us goodbye and carried along his legacy, to the famous “3° Golden Age of Television” and with this began the Peak TV Was (the Height of the TV).

While the Peak TV on walks giving you more content how ever, clear that break, we have more series of quality to watch and with this has been difficult not to find some theme and/or genre not being discussed currently on television.

With this flood of good productions popping up like mushrooms every day that passes, it is easy to find something to watch at the end of the night and be faced with a schedule conflict for having so much good stuff to watch.

But there is a but in this story, have you ever stopped to analyze how even with so many productions in mass being released*, lacking something genuinely new, that is different and that delight?

*In 2016 were 455 new series released, and this year the forecast was that it passed 500.

Patriot is the refreshment that the current scenario of the series want.

The Amazon since its inception has adopted a line of releases is always high quality (Bosch, Transparent, Man in the High Castle etc. do not let me lie), and Patriot is more that makes up this list and with pride.

The plot of the Patriot is basically the following: To prevent Iran manufacture nuclear weapons, the Intelligence officer of John Tavner should give up the safety nets, and take on the dangerous disguise not-official of a mid-level employee in a company of pipes in the midwest.

Patriot is genuine from its creation to its execution, which, incidentally, looks a lot like the two (probably) series more authentic today in your way of telling the story and have a direction full of elements unusual, that are Fargo and Mr.Robot.

If there are two names that we can highlight in the series, are they the Steven Conrad (creator of project) that ooze a lot of technique in the direction, making several long takes to fill the eyes and the clever use of flashbacks and the fragmentation of the story you stirring always.

And Michael Dorman, which is a very solid in the composition of his character, John Lakeman. The series manages to explore all of your charism and eventually makes him into a protagonist striking and necessary in all the minutes on the screen, and This becomes very clear in the 3rd episode, where the series attempts to work in their supporting roles, and the presence of Dorman is well felt.

Taking the deslise in this 3rd episode, the Patriot manages to be a series is consistent from beginning to end, different and unique currently.

So if you are entendiado of sameness that is the television landscape today, at least in the mainstream, the Patriot is an excellent and must-see requested.


For you who is not yet a subscriber of Amazon Prime, the first episode can be watch HERE at Youtube.

Patriot – 1° season, (USA – 24 February 2017)
Creation: Steve Conrad
Show Runner: Steven Conrad, John Requa, Gil Bellows, Charlie Gogolak
Direction: Steve Conrad, Tucker Gates, Ted Griffin, Michael Trim, and Jim Whitaker.
Screenplay: Steve Conrad, Darby Kealey, Bruce Terris, Gil Bellows, Jill E. Blotevogel and Zak Schwartz.
Cast: Michael Dorman, Michael Chernus, Terry O Quinn, Kathleen Munroe, Kurtwood Smith, Chris Conrad, Jilian Richings etc.
Duration: 500 minutes – 8h20min.

Patriot may not be the best series of 2017, but it sure is one of the series most unique that we had this year and definitely worth checking out the 1st season there on Amazon Prime.

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