Pay with Your Veins – Move Over Fingerprint Scanner

Thanks to its creator, Fredrik Leifland, people can already for things with their veins.

Before credit cards and smartphones, the only way there was to pay for things was with some type of cash. Now, thanks to fingerprint scanners we are able to pay for things with out fingerprints but the problem with that system is that we leave our fingerprints everywhere by touching things. By leaving our fingerprints everywhere, people are able to get their hands on our fingerprints and replicate them.

Palm Vein Payment system

Hackers themselves have said that using fingerprints in order to protect our info is the worst to do so. So I guess it would be a good idea to take that wise piece of advice. This systems was created by University student Fredrik Leifland, and the vein payment system is already being used in 15 stores in Sweden. The system already has 1,600 registered users and you can count on that number going up and fast.

In order to register, you will need to leave your social security number, phone number and scan your hand 3 times. Once you have done that you will receive a text message on your phone that will confirm that you have successfully registered your veins. One company that has already created a standalone palm-vein scanner is fujitsu and has even added the system to a laptop. The company might soon add the palm vein system to phones soon. So far there is no word when the system is going to be available worldwide but hopefully that day will come soon.

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