Pepsi Vending Machine Gives Free Drink for Facebook Likes

Check out pepsi´s new move to promote the famous softdrink, you give them a Facebook like and Pepsi will give you a free drink.

Great idea from Pepsi in order to promote the famous softdrink. If you are willing to log into your facebook account and give Pepsi a Like, you will get a free Pepsi can. Too bad you can only like the page once and only get one Pepsi can since it would have been better if they would have given you two, one for you and another for a pal since no one likes to drink alone.

As you will see in the video that Pepsi puts a vending machine where it is obviously in plain sight for everyone to see. Those who decide to approach the machine and give Pepsi a Facebook like would be able to enjoy a Facebook like. Hopefully tech companies such as Sony and Apple will follow in their footsteps and give us a free iPhone or PS4 if we like their page but that might be a little too much to ask. Would you give Pepsi a Facebook like for a free drink?

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