Peregrine Gaming Glove Available for Pre-Order

The Peregrine Gaming Glove is now available for pre-order. Get pricing and more specs here.

I am just as excited as you now that we are able to at least pre-order the Peregrine Gaming Glove, and if you do decide to pre-order you are going to save some money in the process since the price will drop to $129.99 but if you decide to wait then the price is going to go up to $149.00. So if you are you are going to get one, ask you buddy for that money he owes you,mow lawns but pre-order the Peregrine Gaming Glove now.

This is not a one size fits all glove you can choose from small,medium, and large. The Peregrine Gaming Glove that was made with MMO’s in mind allows for up to 40 different configurable movements.

peregrine-pr-376You are not going to have worry about compatibility with the Peregrine Gaming Glove since it can be connected as a keyboard via USB. You can pre-order at

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