Phone Surveillance is Legal in The USA

Looks like the word privacy can definitely be thrown out the windows since one New York Judge says that phone surveillance is legal now.

They say that there is freedom of speech but how many time have we heard of certain employees being fired because of what they said about their company on Twitter or Facebook and now we can kiss privacy good bye since one judge has rules that phone surveillance is now legal. Sure they say it is to fight terrorism but how can we be so sure that that is all they are doing with phone surveillance.

The judge said that the reason he gave a positive ruling was that the phone surveillance can be used to protect the country from terrorism and I believe them but is that all that it is going to be used? First One judge said that the program ¨almost certainly violates the constitution¨ and 0 days later another judge approves it,Hmmmm. You can bet that here is going to be an appeal and that this battle is going to end up in the supreme court. All we can do is wait and see what the supreme court has to say.

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