Phoxo – Powerful, Fast and Easy Free Photo Editor

Touch Up your photos with a simple and Free photo editor that is potent and very easy to use.

PhoXo is the name of an understandable but dominant and FREE Photo Editing Software that will help us improve our pictures, edit them and add a good amount of effects. This small and free app to edit photos stands out because of its easy use combined with a fast pictures editing process.




For many, PhoXo has turned into a ¨Mini PhotoShop¨ where one can make fast improvements to their pictures. This mini photo editing program features Layer Technology that helps the user achieve bigger and better results in their photo editing.

We can´t forget about the good combination of their more than 50 special effects users can add to their images, the result can be really spectacular!…

You can get your hands on PhoXo through its official website, where besides offering a good amount of extra resources, tutorials, frames, you will be able to study in depth every single one of their functions and options.


Free Easy Photo Editor


For example, it options to undo, batch processing and a large variety of useful and powerful selection tools, paint styles, retouches, measuring and navigation. If what we want is to easily add text effects to an image, this free photo editor has all the main functions to do just that.

Dowload PhoXo Free

Like I have repeated various times in the post, downloading this photo editor is free since its creator wanted its download and license to be free for all. With that information we don t have any excuses to not download PhoXo and install it and try it out.

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