Plants Vs Zombies: Legends of The Lawn Available Tomorrow

If plants and zombies are your thing then remember that Plants and Zombies: Legends of The Lawn arrives tomorrow.

If you have been wondering when you would be able to finally play your plant Vs zombie games, well….the answer is tomorrow. On September 30th, Plants Vs Zombies: Legends of the Lawn will be available for PS4 and PS3 tomorrow. That´s great of Sony not leaving behind those games that for x reason were not able to upgrade to PS4 and have them enjoy the game as well.


Plants Vs Zombies Legends of The Lawn Available Tomorrow1


Plants Vs Zombies fans will  be happy to know that there are major updates in this new game. It is going to have the Suburbination pack that was revealed before the console launch and players will also enjoy new characters and a new mode. It is likely the the new mode is Taco Bandits since Crazy Dave has his taco stand in the Zombie territory.



Don´t forget to let us know what you think of the game when it becomes available tomorrow in the comments section.

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