Play Age of Conan for Free

Play free games and Funcom is to thank. Free actions games for download. Play Age of Conan for free.

It is always nice to hear the world free in a word where they even charge to use the public bathrooms, but when you hear or read the word you can’t help ask your self, ” Whats the catch?’. Funcom is trying to get people to hand over the money to buy the Age of Conan game but giving people a teaser. Funcome lets you play the game up to a certain point and then crosses their fingers and hope that you liked it so much that you are going to buy whats left to play.

Yup, Funcom will only allow people to play up to level 20 but only if you download the game client and create an account as of today through January 1st. Funcom is calling this a special holiday offer but I’m justĀ  not buying it. It may be that since Conan is not getting the attention and Funcom just don’t know what to do and is letting people play Age of Conan for Free. If you are willing to give the trial a try, all you have to do is go to and download.

Screenshot - 15_12_2009 , 11_53_46But if you not much of a Conan fan then there are millions of other games to choose and just might be more appealing.

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