Playstation Cell Phone?

Sony_Playstation 3(60 GB)

Rumors arise that Sony Ericsson is working on a Playstation cell phone. Nikkei says designs will begin next month.

What a cell phone that would be, mixing  a playstation with a cell phone, one word, WOW. The company working on the possible Gaming Phone is Sony Ericsson,but according to Nikkei business daily Sony next month will begin to design this Gaming Phone to finally give Apple a run for its money in the portable gaming world.

As the design begins we will sure hear more rumors start to come out on how the design will be or at least have an idea of what kind of specs they plan on adding to the ¨Playstation Phone¨ but the word we need to say to ourselves is ¨Patience¨, we are all surely anxious on the upcoming news.

Via Kotaku

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