Polar A300 Fitness Watch

Polar announces their latest fitness watch called the Polar A300.

If you are a fitness junkie, then you know Polar well and if it is your favorite brand, you will be happy to know that their is a new fitness device out. I´m talking about the Polar A300, this fitness monitor will track your activity 24/7. The Polar A300 is waterproof, so you don´t have to take it off for showering and risk losing it at the gym.


Polar A300


The Polar A300 is available in 6 colors and the fitness device only needs charging once every 4 weeks. You can get your hands on the Polar A300 for US$159.99, but if you want the Polar H7 heart rate sensor, the will go up to $209.99 in total. The A300 is set to arrive inn the US and Finland from next month onward.

If you have an important date to go to and want to leave the fitness look behind, you can always purchase a separate wristband for the special occasion. That way you don´t leave you Polar A300 behind, but still take the right look.

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