Controversy: Twitter “hides” the content with the hashtag #bisexual #nosborran

Twitter is adjusting the filter that allows you to “hide” the sexually explicit material that is published on the platform, but he has made a mistake that has soliviantado the LGBTI community around the world. When you perform a simple search with the word “bisexual” does not appear in photos, videos or news, and the platform warns the user that maybe you have misspelled the term you’re looking for.

Twitter claims to have solved a problem of your algorithm, but it keeps happening

However, it does show the content when you search for “lesbian” or “gay”; from Twitter claim to have solved a problem that, even so, continues to these hours of Monday.

Many users have gone to the same social network to express their complaints:

One of the historical claims of the collective bisexual has always been the lack of visibility that has been given, in addition to being individuals who have frequently had to listen to how banalizaba his sexual orientation and was associated with promiscuity and pornography.

The hashtag #nosborran is serving to denounce the existence of a collective is very wide in our country; Spain is the second country in Europe with most individuals who identify as part of the LGBTI community. Of time

Twitter has not given more information on why this continues to a problem they consider fixed and what has been due to the disappearance of the material that has to do with this sexual orientation in a platform with 330 million users.

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