Power Pen – Emergency Battery for Your Devices

The Power Pen is an emergency battery for your devices with the form of a pen.

Its true that we all use our devices to do the majority of our work, but we have to admit that we are always going to need a pen for something. We are always going to have to sign a document or some of us may just actually enjoy writing with an actual pen. With Power Pen, you get both worlds in one object.


Power Pen


Its name says it all, you get a pen and power when you notice that your smartphone┬┤s battery is dangerously low. To use the Power Pen you just need to unscrew it and connect it to your Android or Lightning devices. The Power Pen is available at Firebox and tit is only going to set you back $40.

The battery the Power Pen has is not the best on the market since it only has 700mAh, but it should be enough to get you our of trouble. You will be able to send those last few eMails to your boss and not get yelled at the next day.

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