Powerful Portable Flash for Smartphones – iBlazr

Always take great pictures with the right amount of light thanks to this useful flash for smartphone cameras.

The cameras on smartphones have obviously gotten better with time but the flash is not always what we hoped it would be. Many have had to turn to photo editing software in order to ¨fix¨ the lighting in the picture but that is something that can be avoided thanks to iBlazr.


Powerful Portable Flash for Smartphones - iBlar


As you can see from the images that iBlazr is a small square flash that gives you the opportunity to always have the right amount of light in every picture. The great thing about this portable smartphone flash is that it can be used with either your iPhone or Android smartphone by just putting it into the audio jack.


Powerful Portable Flash for Smartphones - iBlar


The iBlazr has a quartet of hi-end American CREE LEDs that gives you great lighting in low light areas. It also features a 60 degree optic in order to give subjects a softer look. Another great feature iBlazr has is that the position it is in eliminates those annoying white or red eye effects that usually appear in pictures.

iBlazr will not drain your smartphones battery since it has a 200mAh battery of its own. The iBlar should set you back about US$49.99.

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