PowerSkin BlackBerry Z10 Battery Case

Never be left without energy for your precious Blackberry Z10 Smartphone with the PowerSkin BlackBerry Z 10 Battery Case.

When it comes to cases with emergency batteries in them, we have quite a few models to choose from when it comes to cases for iPhone or other models but this battery case was made especially for the Blackberry Z10 Smartphone. As you can see from the image that it is one good looking case but the possible downside is that it is going to add  a little weight to you smartphone but it shouldn´t be that much additional weight.

The PowerSkin BlackBerry Z10 battery case is now available for $79.99 and it is made out of soft silicone and gives you smartphone all the protection it is going to need from those bumps and scratches. The battery case features a 1500 mAh battery that can be activated using a power switch. The battery case gives you up to 60% more talk time and 60% more standby time. Like I mentioned before that the case is going add some extra weight to your smartphone but it won´t be a lot since it only weighs 0.19 pounds and measures 2.89 x 0.79 x 5.39-inches.

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