PQI H560 Tough Portable Hard Drive – Provides Ultra Protection Against Vibration and Shock

The PQI H560 Tough Portable Hard Drive is one tough hard drive, being able to pass a U.S Military grade dope test. Get specs,price info and availability.

There are many many portable hard drives out in the market but there are few, that even if you drop them and treat them the way Portable hard drives should not  be treated, still work and The PQI H560 Tough Portable Hard Drive is one of those hard drives. This portable hard drives was not put through normal tests, it was  put through the US military grade drop test, MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure IV (transit drop test) and survived. Makes sense since it was made out of special rubber material and unique internal shock-absorption suspension technology as the ultra protection.

The PQI H560 Tough Portable Hard Drive features USB 2.0 interface and the USB cable won’t be something that is going to bother you since when you are done it becomes one with the PQI H560 Tough Portable Hard Drive. If your work place or home is like a war zone as you feel that you desperately need one then you can get your hands on 3 different capacities. You have your choice of getting one in 320/500/640GB’s. I hope you are a patient person since availability and pricing are unknown for the time being but as soon as that  information is available we will let you know.

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