PreVue by Melody Shiue – Allows you to See Unborn Child

Melody Shiue has created a device called the PreVue that allows parents to see their unborn child.

Expecting a child is a wonderful experience and especially if it is your first but one down side is that the only time you get to see your child is at the doctors office. For the time being there is no info on when we might see the device on the market or how much it is going to cost but this invention is sure to win quite a few awards. The PreVue uses the modern stretchable display technology to allow parents (or soon to be parents) to see their child.

This way you are going to be able to monitor your babies development and see all those cute baby yawns, stretches and rolling. Nothing has been said so far but this is going to be a device that everyone who is expecting is going to want and as a result, the device might be a little overpriced. I really hope that I am wrong but it just feels like that. Price aside, I think that this is a great creation, since 9 months is a long time not being able to see the child you know you have inside and now parents are going to be able to take pictures of their child even before he/she comes to the world.

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