Prioritize Your Best Pictures with MyRoll

Want an app that prioritizes the best pictures you took? In that case MyRoll is the picture app that you want.

With such great cameras available on our smartphones, it is normal that we have dozens of pictures in our smartphones. Some of the pictures we take don´t look as great as others but we do have to go through them in order to get to the ones that do look great.


Prioritize Your Best Pictures with MyRoll


What this gallery app will do is show your best pictures in Moments and the app will organize your pictures based on the results of the pictures make-up. Basically what the app does is that it puts first the pictures that have smiling faces, are in focus, have bright colors, Etc.



This way, the pictures that came out blurry or slight out of focus are left for last. MyRoll also allows you to share various pictures and you can also share them as Facebook Albums, through eMail, SMS or through other networks. Enjoy!

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