Psy has a New Video and Dance to Bombared the World With

Psy is back with a new video and dance but the song and video not only lacks creativity but the dance moves are not even his.

Psy drove some people crazy with Gangman Style while other just loved it. If you are in the group of people that were wondering when he was going release another single, then these are definitely good news for you. Psy´s new single is called gentleman are is does not quite have that special something a song needs to have to become a hit and lets not even go into too much detail about the video itself where Psy acts more like a child than a grown man.

Psy did not only lack creating a hit but he also ¨borrowed¨that hip swing dance from a south Korean group called Brown Eyed Girls. Psy is not the first artist to get inspired from someone else´s video but whenever it happens it just completely kills the video. The video has not even been available 5 days and it already has over 27 millions view on YouTube. It is too soon to tell if the song is another hit or it was just the curiosity of a new song that made Gentleman  a ¨hit¨on YouTube.

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